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Everyone knows that the Dominican Republic is one of the most popular American vacation destinations. And because of its climate and low cost of living, many Americans are calling the Dominican Republic home, including medical and dental professionals.

Highly trained dentists who specialize in Dental Implants, Prosthodontics (dentures, crowns and bridges), Periodontics (treatment of the gums) and Oral Surgery, offer the highest quality of dental work ensuring excellent results.

Heading the Dental Clinic is Dr. Florentino Encarnacion, who is a Board Certified Bi-lingual dentist. 

Meeting the American standards in dental care, Dr. Florentino and his team of dentists are able to provide you with the quality of care you’d receive back home, but at substantially lower prices that will more than compensate for a family vacation that will include any dental implants and other dental work you may need.

Our state of the art dental clinic combines comfort, aesthetics, technology and service to create an atmosphere where you’ll feel totally at ease. We aim high. Our goal is to provide you with the best dental work available. When you choose our clinic, you’ll receive more than just exceptional dental care at truly affordable Dominican Republic Dental Prices, you’ll be pampered by our entire staff. Examples of our low cost is detailed below.

Our specialty is dental implants, although we provide full dental clinic services. If you are considering implants, we can provide you with the implants needed and throw in a vacation for about half of what you’d spend in the U.S., and of course they don’t cover the cost of getting to their clinic, never mind the cost of a vacation on our beautiful island.

We have two locations for you to choose from.      PHOTO OF 

Santo Domingo, the historical capital of the Dominican Republic where Christopher Columbus first landed in the New World. Here you can visit the Columbus Palace Museum, which is an historical cathedral where his body is buried, plus many other historical sites throughout the city.

if you’re looking for more of a lavish night life, close to our most beautiful beaches and our all-inclusive resort COMMING SOON

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root. It is inserted into the jaw to permanently or temporarily hold artificial teeth in place. It is typically made out of titanium which is biocompatible with the jaw bone.

The direct fusing of bone and an implant is called osseointegration which is a special characteristic of titanium. When a tooth is lost, some bone that helped support the tooth is also lost. Dental implants help stabilize the jaw, preventing future bone loss and maintaining the jaw bone’s shape.

Implants are a convenient alternative to dentures because they never have to be taken out and they feel much more natural and comfortable. They are better than traditional bridges and crowns because they aren’t just cemented in place.

When mounted to implants, bridges and dentures won’t shift or slip in your mouth, which can make talking and eating easier and worry-free. This also avoids other common problems such as gagging, poor alignment and sore spots.

What Are the Benefits of Implants?

  • ·       Permanent and durable
  • ·       Natural and comfortable fit
  • ·       Look and function more like regular teeth
  • ·       Can be more cost effective over many years
  • ·       Require less maintenance
  • ·       Don’t require modifications to adjacent teeth
  • ·       Prevent further bone loss and shifting of existing teeth
  • ·       95%+ success rates

There are many advantages to tooth implants. It is a permanent solution to tooth loss that is more durable and stable than alternatives such as conventional dentures, crowns or bridges which can make it easier to speak and eat. They also fit more comfortably and naturally and even look better cosmetically which can improve your self-esteem.

Dental Implant Procedure Overview


Image result for cost of dental implants in the United States

According to prices submitted by Dental Implant Cost Guide readers, the cost of a single tooth implant ranges from $1000 to $3,000 in addition to $500 to $3000 for the abutment and crown, for an average total cost of $4000.

Dental Implant Cost Guide - Prices Paid by Real People


Cost of Dental Procedures in Dominican Republic.

Affordable Dentistry in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, patients from USA and Canada can save up to 70% of what they would pay back home. Call for free estimate 1-888-90-7778 Ex #1 or WhatsApp 1-829-657-1393.


DENTAL PROCEDURES                                              OUR COST   U.S. PRICE (range)  SAVINGS                 


First Visit – Diagnosis – X-rays                                                               US$100

Cleaning                                                                                                   $100

Fillings – Bonding                                                                                      $  60

Silver Filling Replacement                                                                          $  80

Porcelain Crowns                                                                                      $300

Zirconia Crowns                                                                                        $450

Pin, Post or Build up for dental crowns                                                       $100

Dental Bridge (3 unit)                                                                                $900

Single Dental Implant (one tooth complete)                                     $1,100                 $4,000                              $2,900

2 implants + 3 Unit Porcelain Bridge                                                   $2,600                 $8,500                              $5,900    

Dental Implant                                                                                           $700

Dental Crown + abutment for implant                                                         $400

Full Porcelain Bridge 10-12 pieces hold by 6 implants                       $9,700               $29,000                             $19,300        

Full Porcelain Bridge 10-12 pieces hold by 8 implants                     $11,600               $36,000                             $24,400

All on Four (4 implants + fixed hybrid dentures)                              $5,800

All on Six (6 implants + fixed hybrid dentures)                                 $6,200

Overdenture (removable lower jaw denture hold by 2 implants)     $2,900

Overdenture (removable upper jaw denture hold by 4 implants)     $5,300

Full Dentures                                                                                              $500                                          

Root Canal Anterior Teeth                                                                           $200

Root Canal Premolar                                                                                   $250

Root Canal Molar                                                                                        $350

Whitening                                                                                                   $300

Single Surgical Extraction                                                                             $100                  $325                                      $225

Wisdom Tooth Extraction                                                                             $150

Impacted Wisdom tooth extraction                                                              $200

Mouth guard                                                                                                $100

Payments: We take USD Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Visa, Master Card, AMEX, and Bank Drafts.

NO HIDDEN FEES (we will send an estimate before the patients come to the first appointment).




Nearest Airport

Santo Domingo City

Airport Name: Las Americas SDQ

Taxi Rate: to Santo Domingo - US$45


Where to stay

Hotels are 30 minutes from the airport, the rate is from US$55 to US$100+.


Recommended Hotels

Hotels in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

  • ·       Hotel W&P Santo Domingo
  • ·       Weston Suites
  • ·       Renaissance Santo Domingo
  • ·       Hotel Catalonia Santo Domingo


Colonial Zone Hotels – Tourist Area

  • ·       Boutique Hotel Palacio
  • ·       Hotel Doña Elvira
  • ·       Hodelpa Caribe Colonial


How long should I stay?

For Dental Crowns and Bridges

From 1 to 7 crowns……………………………………….10 Days

From 7 to 14 crowns ……………………………………..14 Days

From 14 to 28 crowns …………………………………....21 Days

For Dental Implants

From 1 to 6 implants…………………………………...….7 days

6 implants for one arch (full upper or lower) with temporary or provisional dentures ..........14 days

12 implants for a full mouth with temporary or provisional dentures……………….......…. 21 days


Although it only takes about one hour to place one implant and two to place four or more, we recommend that you stay at least 3 days after surgery for a final checkup, so as to be sure that you can return home problem-free.


NOTE: Our staff can recommend private driver and tours.

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