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$500 Digital Lifestyle Certificate

Minimum Purchase:
25 unit(s)
Maximum Purchase:
5000 unit(s)
Price Breakdown:

  • Buy 25 - 100 and get 5% off
  • Buy 101 - 250 and get 10% off
  • Buy 251 - 500 and get 20% off
  • Buy 501 - 1000 and get 30% off
  • Buy 1001 - 2000 and get 40% off
  • Buy 2001 - 5000 and get 50% off
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Product Description

$500 Lifestyle Certificate - DIGITAL -(25 minimum order)

Digital certificates works the same like the paper certificate. The advantage is that you can email to your customer without spending money on mail them. You purchase one PDF certificate and custom codes for the end user tu enter on our redeem side.

Product Description

$500 Lifestyle Certificate (Minimum oeder 25 pcs.)

For the first time, the power of travel incentives and savings were combined in order to offer your company the best marketing tools on the market. The package comes with a new, sophisticated presentation: a full color postcard, and offers the end user several saving and reward values.

Why are the Lifestyle Certificates different than other incentives on the market? 

The Lifestyle Certificates allow you to offer a great diversity of incentives to your customers at great savings (the customers pay only Processing and Delivery Fee on each item).

Offering these certificates your customers have multiple choices of vacations, memberships and savings certificates.

Are not sold retail to the general public.

Why choose the Lifestyle Certificates for your advertising needs and not others on the market? 

The advantage of using the Lifestyle Certificates is on both sides (yours and your customers'). The customer makes his own choice. He will not be leaving your store with a simple Vacation Voucher. He will do the research and pick up a cruise, or a vacation in Las Vegas, or just some restaurants savings, or all of them. The Lifestyle Certificates allow you to offer a much higher value gift at the same or even at a better price than when you offer just a Vacation Getaway Certificate or a package he may like or not. You spend less and your customers get more. The great diversity of items offered is a result of an ongoing selection and testing process.

The selection and testing criteria 

  • legality - Fortune five hundred companies use them with great success, therefore they can be trusted.
  • items that are on the market for a long time
  • popularity
  • referrals from companies that used them for more than a year
  • uniqueness
  • customer service
  • product fulfillment
  • affordability

The Lifestyle Certificate has as a forte point the flexibility it offers 

  • The Lifestyle Certificate expands your consumer choice power. It gives them options: they can choose what better fits theirs interests (vacations, savings, cruises, travel booking engine membership, , airline tickets, car rental etc.) as opposed to the traditional incentives available on the market which are very restrictive and offer one item.
  • The Processing and Delivery charge is realistic. Please check the summary chart.
  • All these items offered can not be purchased in stores. They are not sold retail to the general public and they have never before been offered in this unique, valuable combination.
  • The Lifestyle Certificate is fully transferable. Use it for you or your business to attract customers or you can give it away to your relatives or friends.
  • The Lifestyle Certificate is your and your consumer ticket to savings. You save on Incentives, they save on cruises, hotels, all inclusive resorts, condominium resort vacation, restaurants and groceries, Travel booking engine membership, and more.
  • New items are added on a regular basis.
  • The Lifestyle Certificate was designed with you and your consumer in mind.

How do the Lifestyle Certificates work? 

The certificates can be redeemed based on a passcode at a special website (www.marketingvouchers.com) that contains multiple products and services from which the user can choose. The certificate holder can order up to his certificate saving value worth of items and services. All he has to pay is a small processing and delivery fee on each item. The certificate is valid 12 months from the date of issue. Each certificate has a full explanation on how to access the website, as well as how to use it to choose the items.

Who can use the Lifestyle Certificates? (Total Sving Value order shuld not excide the total saving value on your Lifestyle Certificate) 

The certificates can be used by any business in order to attract customers. The Lifestyle Certificates come in four denominations: $750; $1,500; $2,500 and $4,000. Choose the one that best fits your business.

What they have to offer? 

Hotels / Condos

Full Week Condo - Saving value $1100

 International resort - Saving Value $1500

 Multiple Locations Reservation Form - Saving value $180

4 Nights Hawaii - Saving value $400

All Inclusive Resorts - Saving Value $600

Vacation Getaway to 125 Destinations - Saving Value $200 

Cruises / Airlines
5 Days Cruise & 3 Days Hotel - Saving value $750
4 Days Cruise & 3 Days Hotel - Saving value $650
7 Night Cruise - Saving Value $700

Calibbean Cruise - Saving value $480
Fly and Stay - Saving value $1,100 

One year membership to one of the best travel booking search engine (Like Expedia)- Saving value $150

Restaurant / Groceries Savings
$1,000 Restaurants/grocery Savings - Saving value $1,000

A Worldwide collection of digital cooking books and many more.

For more details on all these items please visit www.marketingvouchers.com, the website dedicated to the end user

Tips to get successful using the Lifestyle Certificates 

Giving a gift is a proven way to trigger a customer to take an action such as visiting a store, taking a test drive, making a purchase, or just listen to your presentation. All you need to do is present the certificates to your target through direct mail, TV, radio or email, online or offline advertising, in-store displays, and give them away to your customers when they make a purchase. We do everything else: certificate validation, product fulfillment, and customer service.

Tests and results 

One of the best proven qualities of the Lifestyle Certificate is that it pools more customers to your showroom floor. Tests were done with a national companies and the results were amazing: the national average on the Direct Mail Campaigns for automotive dealers we know is 0.75%. Offering to your prospective 2-4 denominations of the Lifestyle Certificate in the direct mail invitation letter as a first, second, and third prizes gifts, the return is a whopping 1.79% to 1.83%. Do the math and see an increase of 244% over the national average. You, more then double your potencial customers for the same money and as a consequence more then double your sale for the same amount of money. It means that your promotion dollars self target to the right customers and you get the highest ROI (return on investment) for your money.

Warranty Information

Digital certificates works the same like the paper certificate. The advantage is that you can email to your customer without spending money on mail them. You purchase one PDF certificate and custom codes for the end user to enter on our redeem side.

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    Читать полную информацию о ставках на деньги:<a href=https://kubik-shop.ru/forum/user/4924/>https://kubik-shop.ru/forum/user/4924/</a>

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    Lucky Lades Charm – игровой автомат с 5-ю барабанами и 9-ю линиями. Прекрасная блондинка Леди Удача поможет самым энергичным игрокам получить огромнвую выплату 180 000$. Если на барабанах показывается Scatter, начисляются фри спины, а выигрыши могут умножиться на х3.
    Champagne – игра для любителей отмечать праздники под звон бокалов алкоголя. На 5-ти барабанах и 21 линии образуются призовые комбинации в размере 10 000$.
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