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How Do We Do It

How We Differ

Until now, most travel incentives/certificates only offered a single benefit of either a Cruise, or a Hotel stay, or a Condo stay, or Airfare. Through our Lifestyle Suite of Incentives, we offer it all in one certificate. Our proprietary Lifestyle Suite offers a savings amount to be applied to one or all options that appeal to your consumer. We have no hidden consumer requirements – just exceptional value at the lowest possible premium cost!

How Do We Do It

The ‘travel-certificates.com’ family of companies work directly with the largest of the travel conglomerates and wholesale brokers that contract with the world leading hotel chains, cruise lines and resorts to help fill their otherwise empty rooms in off-peak periods. Our providers rarely experience full occupancy, yet they remain open and they still have their fixed costs as do cruise lines and airlines that depart with unfilled cabins and seats.

Although they may be missing out on the profits they earn on a room, seat or cabin, here’s how they capitalize on giving away their inventory:

Hotels/Resorts; Cruises; Condos

Non-paying guests end up upgrading or extending their stay or spending money on restaurants, room service, casino gaming, spas and other amenities within our providers’ property.

Our providers use these giveaways as an inexpensive marketing vehicle to gain new customers and referral customers - the same way you would use our certificates as a marketing tool. By providing your customers with a memorable stay and great value, they hope your customers return as paying customers and refer others.


Although the airlines that provide us with seats don’t receive payment for what would have been empty seats, they do receive the terminal taxes from our users which reduces the airline’s outlay and in effect increases their profit.

Our Part

The price that you pay us goes towards:

Fulfilling the certificates

Registration with the applicable brokers and travel providers.

Providing the highest caliber in customer service to assure your customer’s total satisfaction and protecting and enhancing your Goodwill.

Profits, which thanks to our amazing loyal clients, have increased year over year for the past 13 years.

We are very proud that over our 13 years in the travel incentive business, we have not had 1 complaint filed with any Better Business Bureau or published online.

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