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"Few good words for the most innovative and creative incentives company we know. e-SoftWorld, Ltd. is a great company with strong consumer oriented incentives. My distributors and their customers are always pleased with the quick delivery and quality of their premiums. I couldn't ask for a better company to work with. Your Lifestyle Suite of Certificates is a great value to businesses for promotional and rewards use and also a great bargain to the consumers, which is most important! 8 years and we are still a distributor of your offers. Is a great pleasure to do business with e-SoftWorld, Ltd. and we hope for a long lasting relationship."

- Roy C., C. S. President

"As the President of American Promotional Enterprises, Inc., an Automobile Industry Promotion Company, I had the opportunity to work closely with e-SoftWorld, Ltd. President for several years. Unquestionably, the e-SoftWorld, Ltd. Marketing Incentives Programs, helped American Promotional Enterprises, Inc. in gaining more business and does a great job in promoting many new car dealers around the nation with great success. Our business grew significantly and e-SoftWorld, Ltd. played an important role helping us in our promotion business effort. I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to fellow companies. Well done."

- Ray B. Jr., A. P. Enterprises, Inc. President

"We have been doing business with e-SoftWorld, Ltd. for the last seven years in California and Florida. The President is a man of integrity, honesty and cares deeply about his client’s success. In my opinion, those are rare qualities in today’s business world. Their products and the personal attention they offer helped us tremendously in generating a constant flow of business at a relatively low cost. Products such as mini vacation vouchers, food discounts, cruises and other promotional items create a great deal of interest and definitely adds more sales and profits to our bottom line. I truly feel that e-SoftWorld, Ltd. participated in our growth and was instrumental in us achieving success. Finally, I think that most of these promotional items can help increase sales regardless of the type of business one may be in."

- Michael M., S. Marketing Group, Inc. Vice President

"E-SoftWorld, Ltd. is a great company with great products. My customers are always pleased with the quick delivery and quality of their orders. I couldn't ask for a better company to work with. Their certificates are a great value to businesses for promotional use, and also a great bargain to the end-user, which is the most important! Over 10 years now and we are still using your great incentives. I can honestly say without a doubt that the e-SoftWorld, Ltd. certificates have impacted our business tremendously. It is a win-win situation for the consumer, as well as the car dealers we serve. The value the certificates offer, is one of a kind, and we will continue to use these as a fantastic marketing tool. Thanks a million. Over the years, I have used several companies that offer vacation packages. E-SoftWorld, Ltd. offers the best value for both the dealer and the end user. Our continuous promotion is going better than expected."

- Dan R., The C. Group, President

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